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Meegan Moszynski

Please join me in welcoming Meegan Moszynski, whom will join the NSP as the Executive Director on July 17, 2017. Meegan has a significant history of being in leadership roles in other industries and non profit corporations both within the US and at International locations. This is an historic time for the NSP as she will be the first female ED hired into the role. Meegan comes to the NSP from her role as the President of QF Group, Inc. and Executive Director of The Leaders Initiative, Inc. Meegan manages the membership and programming for QF’s network of community leaders and launched TLI’s Colorado Governors Fellowship Program for high-level executives to engage in public service. Previously, Meegan directed the Ideas program at the Biennial of the Americas, where she curated conversations on today’s most significant issues in the Americas related to trade, education, the environment, culture and community. Meegan has worked closely with leaders in the private, public and nonprofit sectors and engages frequently with local and international stakeholders in a variety of industries. Her work lies at the intersection of business, government and non-governmental organizations, and she strives to foster continuous dialogue across sectors and industries to promote sustainability, facilitate investment and inspire change.

Meegan’s career has encompassed a diversity of experiences, including the food industry, energy and the environment, the outdoor sports industry, impact finance, international trade, economic development and law. Meegan has collaborated on clean energy initiatives in China, educational and vocational training programs for women and children in Pakistan, and rural economic development projects in Cambodia. She speaks French, Italian and Spanish and has lived and traveled throughout South America, Western and Eastern Europe, southern Africa and northern China. Meegan settled in Denver by way of Chile, California, Wyoming, New York and New England and has enjoyed engaging in state policy and community development in Colorado.

Meegan leads the Rocky Mountain Alumni Chapter for Middlebury College and the Middlebury Institute, and she sits on the Associate Board for The Kitchen Community. She frequently counsels and advises young professionals seeking unique career paths in Colorado. Her most significant volunteer contribution has been to The Aspen Institute, where she has devoted time to the Aspen Ideas Festival, Leaders Action Forum, Winter Words, Summer Words, McCloskey Speaker Series, Sports and Society, Bass Lectures and the New Views film series. She has held Board positions at the Marshall Direct Fund and the Trailblazer Foundation (focusing on economic development in Pakistan and Cambodia, respectively) and volunteer positions at the Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club and the Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs.

Meegan holds a Master’s degree in International Policy Studies with a focus on Trade, Investment and Development from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey and a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies with a focus on European Studies and a concentration in History of Art & Architecture, along with a Minor in Italian, from Middlebury College.

Meegan is a big time skier and loves to hike, camp, run, do yoga and mountain bike. Her only hold back from being a world class mountain biker is her struggles with left hand turns that tends to cause her problems when making hairpin turns. She enjoys cold and snow and like her twelve-year-old black lab, Skyler, has an intense dislike for hot weather. Seems that the two of them would just as soon roll in the snow vs. sit on the beach. She has a brother and sister-in-law that are both sponsored skiers and ski mountaineers and co-founders of Corbeaux Clothing out of Aspen. She is a proud aunt to Harlan, who will be a ripping skier in the future.

Meegan is super excited to be joining the NSP and looks forward to meeting the staff, the Board, the Division Directors and members that stop into the office. As this role at the NSP gives her the opportunity to combine her love of the ski industry and her passion to bring leadership together from various sectors to help and support moving the organization forward, she has indicated “she can hardly wait to get started”. The office will be busy over the next couple of weeks getting things ready for Meegan to arrive. Her new address at the office will be: mmoszynski@nsp.org Feel free to drop her a line after the 17th to welcome our newest member to join the staff.

Jim Woodrum
National Chairman

Posted June 30, 2017

National Ski Patrol Eastern Division